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Cody's Christmas

Cody feels a strong need to buy his dad a present for Christmas but finds he has no money.

He manages to raise money but in the process damages his precious Guitar and hurts himself.

Eventually he finds a solution and in the end there is a very happy ending.


The Happy Days

This book is about Cody's happiest days.

Many firsts and discoverys.

It's amazing what actually makes a dog happy.


My Book of Complaints

Cody, like all of us lives in a world which he has almost no control.

So from time to time he likes to vent a little. This book is basically a book of his dislikes.


Cody's Extraordinary Moon Adventure

Few Dogs get to go into space.

From a young age Cody had been enticed by the moon and it's amazing resemblance to his favourite swiss cheese..

He finally gets his chance in a dangerous voluntary role to collect moon samples.


The Rise of the Kitchen Ninja

A story of a lowly boy who becomes a well known chef.

Cody is a particularly creative, skilled and self motiviated young person who finds his way into a kitchen as a way to avoid poverty to eventuallly become an talented and couragious chef.

Highly imaginative and fun.


Cody, Left Tennant Matthew
and the Orb of Boom

While on leave from the British Army, Left Tennant Matthew Smith gets to meed his cousin Cody and together, after a fairly animated introduction... they set sail to the Sudan to embark on the adventure of a life time in the heart of Africa.


The Return of the Orb of Boom

Cody is mysteriously effected by the Orb he found in a cave in Africa.

It results in him gaining unusual powers which he puts to good use.

Fun and thrilling a book of imagination.



Incredibly - a true and quite sad story

Cody visits the dentist. His teeth are quite damaged and as a result needs a long and difficult surgery.

The story ends with a happy ending.



Cody's natural talent for climbing takes him on a new adventure.

Through the help of expert climbing instructor Brendon, Cody learns to climb proficiently and eventually takes on the worlds most dangerous and difficult climb.



Cody is a remarkable dog.

No other story shows his generosity, his energy in the persuit of love, generosity and kindness.

This story is a must read.


Turtle Mania


That is the message in this new Cody Book.

Cody buys a Turtle as a pet from the Pet Shop.

Cody's new pet, a young Turtle called Thomas describes to Cody the bullying and abuse that he has been directly threatened by.

Cody has to do something.


Cody takes up Lawn Bowls

Another fun cody book.

Cody has always wanted to try Lawn Bowls. His dad is a good player and comes home with trophies every now and again.

Hi best friend Rob the Dog also is an excellent player.

Its time to join in.


Cody finds True Love

A delightful story of true love.

Cody's childhood memories of his favourite friend Nissa, has him travelling all the way to Greece to meet up again.

Fun, sweet and maybe slightly predicable.


The Story of MY BOY BAND

Cody is given a guitar and finds he is a natural musician.

He quickly forms an unlikely group of girls in his new Boys Band.

The story is quirky and totally unbelievable.

But great fun.



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Cody the Dog Cartoons are an ongoing project.
You should expect to hear a lot more from him in the future.


My name is Simon Creedy. I am a Graphic Designer and more recently a Cartoonist. 

Cody is a 7 year old rough collie. He is my pet.

Cody as a cartoon is somewhat different to Cody the real dog. But the stories are based on a crossover of his life and mine. Most of the time the stories are just plainly made up. In some instances that discuss happy or sad moments in his life which contains an element of truth.

In other stories of amazing discovery or achievement these are more of a dream or wish on my part. In a cartoon story just about anything is possible so long as I can draw it.

I have tried to make Cody and his freinds consistent throughout the books. His love for Cat Treats for instance. The fact that he doesnt require a leash although he talks about them quite a lot. His best friend Rob the Dog who appears from time to time is based on a friend ship of mine. Baby Bear, one of the characters who appears in some of the books is actually my daughter Shauna.

It has always been a pleasure to draw and invent the stories I hope you like them or at least find them interesting.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want on

I would love to hear what you think.

© Copyright 2019 Simon Creedy

All images and information on this page are free to view. If you feel you would like to copy anything please contact me on my email or call me on 0411 888 478

I do intend to publish these in book form in the near future.

The idea behind making the books available in flip book form was for people stuck at home with small children who are worried about everything that happening to them at the moment in the wake of the COVID 19 Virus.