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Hi my name is Sam
and I am the director of the Property Drains Group Pty Ltd.  We are a team of highly qulified plumbers and drain specialists working on the Central Coast

We are experts in sewer drainage, blocked or broken pipes, and pipe relining. We offer a friendly, well priced and on-time plumbing service.

The services we offer give 5 Star performance and service and we know that once you have experienced our generous and positive approach we know you will want to stay with us. 

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Sam Tabaa - Director of Property Drains Group Pty Ltd
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Our FIVE Step
Blocked Drain Process

    Est. Time: 15 - 30 Minutes

    The very first step on arrival is to carry out an initial inspection of your property. Here we conduct a number of tests and assessments to establish how to best go about resolving the blockage considering access points, inspection openings, equipment, etc.

    st. Time: 5 - 15 Minutes

    Once we've inspected your property and determined the optimal way to go about accessing the suspected blocked drain region, we will then conduct our CCTV Inspection to identify and pinpoint EXACTLY where the blockage is occurring using our specialist CCTV drain camera. Once we're clear on where the blockage actually is, we will then provide you with a simple report and explanation of the blockage and what we believe to be the BEST way to go about resolving it.

    In this report, a quote will also be provided with a break up of all the methods used and related costs to help you make a more informed decision about what you want to do moving forward. 

    WARNING: Many 'drain sharks' do NOT do an initial inspection of the drain, instead they just stick their high-pressure water jetter down straight away and try to flush out the blocked drain! This means they have no idea where the blockage ACTUALLY is, and therefore, can’t be smart about choosing the best access point to try and successfully unblock the drain QUICKLY. In the end, a bunch of time is wasted as they shove their water jetter up metres upon metres of drain trying to locate the blockage, which is only costing YOU more money! Also, in extreme cases where your drain is either partially or completely collapsed, shoving a high-powered water jetter down there will very likely do more harm than good!

    Est. Time: 30 Seconds - 90 Minutes

    Once you approve work, we will then focus on actually unblocking your drain with the least amount of disturbance and disruption to your property.

    To do this, we will first use a 'penetrating' nozzle Hyrdo Jetter to flush out any immediate blockages and create a pathway to get the drain flowing again.  

    Depending on (1) how many metres of drain we’re servicing, (2) the complexity of the drain system, and (3) whether we’re dealing with a tree root blockage or a foreign object, generally speaking, clearing the blocked drain can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 minutes.

    Est Time: 5 - 45 Minutes

    Once the immediate 'suspected' blockage is flushed out, we then perform a more detailed and comprehensive inspection of the drain to determine the root cause of the blockage in the first place.

    Here, we put our class leading Specialist Drain CCTV Camera back down to (1) confirm we’ve actually resolved the immediate blocked drain issue completely (sometimes there is more than one region blocked), and (2) closely inspect the pipe for any terminal issues like tree root intrusions, cracks, breaks, misalignment, or other issues that will cause the drain to block up again.

    If this inspection shows a clear drain with no terminal issues (i.e. no damage that is going to cause the drain to block up again), then our work is finished and we'll be off on our way!

    However, if we do see terminal issues like tree root intrusions, cracks, or partial/complete drain collapses, that will cause a blockage again, then we will recommend the BEST permanent solution for your situation to fix the drain once and for all.

    Note: We do NOT automatically record every CCTV drain inspection we carry out. However, if the customer requests, we will be more than happy to record the investigation on a USB (usually only necessary for terminally damaged piping).


    In the past, the only way to permanently repair a terminally damaged drain was to dig up the defective pipe and replace it... 

    However, now, 9 times out of 10, our NEW revolutionary, proprietary trenchless 'no fuss, no mess, no dig' pipe relining OR sectional patching methods will be the most appropriate 'permanent' solution for your terminal drain issue. These approaches are faster, cheaper and cleaner 'alternative' solutions that allow us to complete a wide range of drain repairs without needing to 'dig up' your property and make a mess, especially in hard to access locations such as under a concrete slab, buildings, pools, driveways, roads, established landscaping etc. (we can even provide a quote and schedule the job in on the spot!). 

    Pipe relining places a strong and super durable inner liner within the damaged section of the drain (5x stronger than PVC pipe!). Once hardened, the liner secures the pipe sealing up any cracks, breaks or trees root intrusions, or smoothing over any misaligned sections, preventing any future blockage! So, say goodbye to your plumber’s ‘maintenance program’... You will now know you’re getting the problem fixed right then and there, permanently! 

    In the extremely COMMON case where the terminal issue is caused by tree root intrusions, we will first send down our commercial grade 5000 psi Ramjet 5000 high pressure Hydro Jetter with a far more powerful ‘Hydraulic Root Cutting’ nozzle to cut through even the most stubborn tree roots. The finished result is a clear drain that is completely root free. From here, we will use either our 'no mess, no fuss, no dig' pipe relining OR sectional patching to ensure the same tree roots can't invade the drain and cause a blockage again in 6 to 12 months time! 

    Disclaimer: For severely collapsed or completely collapsed drains, pipe replacement will likely be the only appropriate solution to permanently fix your drain. In these unique circumstances, we will recommend you a local plumber from our list of ‘Ideal local plumbers' that we believe to be the best fit to complete the dig up and replacement for you.

The fastest and most effective way to Clear Your Blocked Drain!

Call your local drain specialist today and get your drain cleared right now

By calling Property Drains Group now, you will speak with one of the Central Coast's most experienced drain specialists (not just a general plumber with little expertise in drains!).  

We will be onsite, solving your suspected drain issues and unblocking the drain, the first time, OR you guessed it… It’s FREE! 

AND, if we don’t arrive on site when we said we would, we will pay you $200 cash on the spot for your inconvenience! 

Get your suspected drain Issues solved correctly with our careful Inspection

Forget dodgy plumbers who shortcut the inspection process and try to trick you into accepting ridiculous quotes that require them to rip up your pipes, destroy your property and make an absolute mess of things. 

With Property Drains Group, we guarantee to give you the 100% correct diagnosis of your suspected drain issues upfront and provide you with the best solution possible to get your drains fixed, the first time, with your best interests in mind!

Sit back and relax while your drain gets cleared the First Time, or it's FREE!

Don’t stress or worry about being ‘out-of-pocket’ from wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars on an inadequate OR failed ‘solutions’ altogether. 

We don’t take our title as the Central Coast's #1 blocked drains specialist lightly, that’s why we guarantee that if you’re not happy with our drain clearing service you don’t pay; if we can’t clear the drain you don’t pay; and if we can’t solve your problem permanently… you guessed it, it’s FREE!

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What our clients have to say

Blown away by a great plumbing experience by Property Drains Group. Sam is the quietest, calmest and most experienced plumber I have ever met. He came in just before the time he said... 10 am investigated the problem (really really badly installed cistern by me). The tap to the wall was damaged from age (having never been switched off)... I knew that cos it had leaked all night when I tried to turn it off... anyway I called Sam.

Sam was in and out in literally an hour having fixed the cistern replaced the wall tap and rejuvinated two taps in the laundry that were'nt working. 

I would happily recieve a call on his behalf to recommend him if you want to know a little more... 0411 888 478.  

Simon Creedy - Lane Cove

He's professional and hard working and friendly

Lisa S from Drummoyne, NSW 

4 Feb 2021 Hi Page 5 Star Review

Very efficient, an expert in the field

James M from St Johns Park, NSW 

6 Jan 2021 Hi Page 5 Star Review

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