Logo Design and Graphic Design Specialist in Sydney

Quality Graphic Design
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I am excited to be able to offer you a friendly, affordable and highly informative graphic design experience to make the graphic design process simple and easy for you.

I help you design graphics that 100% of people get. That say things you want to say in the way you want to say them in a form that your clients want to hear.

I am passionate about logical, sensible and creatively worked out graphics.

Call me if you want a friendly and knowledgable approach to the way your business or product appears.

Thank you.


Logo Design and Graphic Design Specialist in Sydney

Call me on 0411 888 478

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I can help you with the graphic design of your logo that has exactly the right style and feel for your business identity, branding or product range.

I can create business stationery for you which can include business cards, a letterhead and a with compliments slip.

I can help you design your brochure, flier, poster and postcard.

I can design your advertising, signage, displays and the graphics on your clothing.

We also need to include a design for your mobile website with a style that feels friendly, clean and attracting in the way it can define the quality of your amazing services and brilliant products.

Hi... my name is Simon Creedy and I look forward to working with you. 

Graphic Design | Logos


Simon Creedy | Graphic Designer | Logo Designer

Graphic Design for 
Print and Web

Simple to understand and friendly approach to all your Graphic and Logo Design requirements 

Please call me if you feel I can help you with your graphics or Logo Design.

Logo Design

I am a logo specialist. Let me help you on your path to a clever and appropriate logo to represent your business qualities and character.

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Simon Creedy
Sydney Graphic Designer
37 Epping Road
Lane Cove North
NSW 2066
Sydney Australia

Email simon@creedy.com.au
Mobile 0411 888 478

Logo Design and Graphic Design Specialist in Sydney
Logo Design and Graphic Design Specialist in Sydney
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dagher property for premium realestate in sydney
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Cody the Dog Cartoon Books

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Logo Design and Graphic Design Specialist in Sydney
Cody Cartoon Comic Books by Simon Creedy

The Cody Cartoon Books are inspired by a combination of imagination, fun and a love for adventure stories that are kind, generous, friendly and full of love. Cody is a cute fun loving cartoon dog. He is often inspired by the simplest of things and his path leads him into interesting and challenging stories and choosing the right path isn't always easy.  

Jozef (Joop) Vissel (1936 - 2022)

A Photographic Tribute to a Great Photographer and Friend! 

Jozef Vissel (my good friend) who died last year.
I missed his funeral but I wanted to say he was one of the best people I have ever met. This is a small tribute to him... and can be viewed more fully here (approximately 56 mb)

Logo and Graphic Designer in Sydney

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