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About Simon Creedy

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My name is Simon Creedy.

I am a Graphic Designer and more recently an Illustrator and Story Writer.

I have chosen to make my cartoon books about Cody my family's 9 year old Rough Collie.

Cody's features and nature are what started me drawing him in Cartoon form and as such will live forever and will be carried in my heart as long as I can draw him.

In a cartoon story I feel just about anything is possible so long as I can picture it.
I have tried to make Cody and his freinds consistent throughout each of the books. His love for Cat Treats for Dogs for instance. The fact that he doesnt require a leash. His love for his best friend Rob the Dog who appears from time to time which is based on a real life friendship of mine. Baby Bear, one of the characters who appears in some of the books is actually one of my daughters - Shauna and so on.
The Cody Cartoon Dog series introduces you to my imagination, inner thoughts and dreams and love for fairness, kindness, commitment, brilliance, creativity and imagnation. Most of what I invent and illustrate is unlikely to ever occur but that's the beauty of being my own writer and cartoonist ... it's up to me.

It has been a total pleasure to draw and invent these rich animated stories. I hope you enjoy Cody too and find his books as loveable and as wonderful as I do.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have time - . I would love to hear from you.

Or just find me on facebook and drop me a line. 

Cody the Dog Cartoon Books are an ongoing project and you should expect to hear a lot more from him in the future.

Thank you!

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